“Brilliant job!” Review and outlook at MCT reps’ workshop in India

India is one of Mayer & Cie.’s five most important markets. In India’s premium and midrange market segment the German knitting machine manufacturer’s market share is 36 per cent. This means that at least one in three high quality machines India imports is a Mayer & Cie. (MCT) machine. In absolute terms, and from MCT’s viewpoint, the facts are that in 2016 the German engineering company booked orders from India for well in excess of 200 circular knitting machines. The S4 3.2 II was a special favourite, followed by the D4 2.2 II. The most popular electronic machine in 2016 was the OVJA 1.6 E, a jacquard machine for double jersey fabric.

Batliboi has looked after Mayer’s numerous Indian customers for many years. Collaboration between the two companies is close. Mayer & Cie. sales managers confer with their Batliboi colleagues in India for several days every February. This year’s meeting was held on 14 and 15 February in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, one of India’s textile centres.

Topics discussed at the workshop were the general market situation and, of course, sales targets and challenges in the Indian market. Sales being more than satisfactory, figures similar to last year’s can be anticipated for 2017. There are, after all, several application areas with worldwide growth potential. The ones identified by MCT sales manager Wolfgang Müller were the manufacture of clothing and mattress covers. A new area that he mentioned was fabric uppers for sports shoes and trainers.

“That is why, where machines are concerned, demand for electronic jacquard machines, including the double electronics model, is unabated, and we intend to put this trend to good use,” he said. “Overall, demand is very strong and has led to long delivery periods. To reduce them is one of our key targets for 2017.” Not every customer was prepared to accept waiting periods of months, with the result that orders were lost – as India’s Batliboi reps had noted. Sales losses had been especially apparent in the single jersey segment for processing elastomers. Because Batliboi had once more mastered these and other challenges superbly, Müller’s keynote speech again ended with the words “A brilliant job!” – aimed at all Batliboi sales representatives.