Order entry reaches record level at Mayer & Cie.

Order books at Mayer & Cie. (MCT) are extremely well filled until the end of the year. Order entry in mid-Q2 2016 is the highest in decades. “Looking at our order entry since 1 January 2016, the current level is one that we last reached in the boom years at the end of the 1990s,” says Wolfgang Müller, Sales Director at Mayer & Cie. At the turn of the millennium the knitting machine manufacture was shipping around 2,000 machines a year. By the end of this year 1,500 machines are likely to have left the Mayer works.

To account for the outstanding demand situation at Mayer & Cie. Sales Director Müller looks first at last year’s ITMA. “There is,” he says, “a definite trend toward high quality machines. It runs across the entire market – from Bangladesh to the United States. And the high quality segment, such as Double Jersey or Jacquard machines, has always been our strong point.”

In addition to MCT’s tried and tested quality a number of other factors have brought customers back to the long-established Albstadt company in large numbers. One important factor is the trend toward sustainability. There is more local production to local standards and requirements. In procurement too the trend is toward locality, which eliminates long transport routes and gives purchasers flexibility. Time to market, MCT Sales Director Müller says, is the keyword. The fashion industry is enormously fast-paced. That requires fast response times that are more or less impossible to meet over long distances. In short, “along with the increasing importance of quality more is being produced in the traditional textile markets, which is where Mayer & Cie. is very well established,” Müller concludes.

When Wolfgang Müller refers to traditional nearby textile markets he mainly means Turkey, from where Mayer & Cie. has already received orders for 76 machines this year. Most of them are for high-quality Jacquard and Double Jersey machines. More distant regions with a long textile industry tradition – especially Central and South America – have also been placing more orders. But the front runner for demand is and remains China, which accounts for 154 of the orders received so far this year in Albstadt-Tailfingen. Fabric manufacturing is booming in India too, which accounts for 94 of this year’s orders, making India the second most important sales market for Mayer & Cie.