German Technology meets Mexican Textile: Mayer & Cie. at the VDMA Event in Mexico City

“German Technology meets Mexican Textile” was the title of a B2B forum and conference held in Mexico City by the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA). Mayer & Cie. (MCT) was one of around 30 German manufacturers of textile machinery and accessories who took up the invitation to take part. So did about 450 local customers and prospective customers. They all attended the event on 8 and 9 November 2017 at a conference hotel in Cuajimalpa de Morelos.

Horst Maier, sales manager at Mayer & Cie. for Central and Latin America, recalls the event, in which Mayer & Cie. took part for the first time, with a feeling of overall satisfaction. “The presentation of companies at individual tables was very clearly laid out and generously proportioned,” he says, finding words of praise for the organisation of the event. “We made a number of new contacts because customers coming from another appointment simply stopped over at our stand.” On the other hand, the traffic in Mexico City made it impossible for others to attend appointments they had made with Mayer & Cie.

Sales manager Maier says increasing automation and Industry 4.0 were the main issues raised by customers at the event. “On these topics the textile industry is still, overall, in its early days, but they are now very much on the agenda,” he says. Another recurring topic has a political background. Since the change of government north of the border, the Mexican textile industry has sought to open up markets other than that of its largest trading partner by far, the United States. That, Maier is convinced, is why it is all the more important to advise customers on the use and application areas of Mayer & Cie. machines.

Along with catching up with customers and prospective customers, an event at the margins of the symposium was a focus of interest for Mayer & Cie. Horst Maier was one of 18 industry representatives who addressed students at the local university, the Instituto Politécnico Nacional. Collaboration between Mayer & Cie. and the university is to be intensified. Regular guest lectures on circular knitting by the MCT-expert are planned. “There can be no doubt,” Maier adds, “that we would be delighted to assist the university with the forthcoming modernisation of its machine park. 

Picture: VDMA