DTG Dhaka reaffirms global trend: Efficiency and productivity highly rated

Bangladesh is one of the world’s largest textile producers. Its estimated output is second only to China’s and clothing accounts for around 83 per cent of its exports (www.auswaertiges-amt.de). That is why Bangladesh is one of Mayer & Cie.’s most important target markets.

So the Dhaka International Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition (DTG), the country’s most important textile machinery trade fair, is also a Mayer & Cie. focal point. The German circular knitting machine manufacturer is represented there every year by its local rep., Brady. Torsten Meile, Mayer & Cie.’s regional sales manager and another regular DTG visitor, came this year with an S4 3.2 II. A 30-inch single jersey machine with a fineness of up to E24, it is currently the most popular Mayer model in Bangladesh. It corresponds to domestic demand for sound mechanical machines. There is also a demand, Meile says, for large-diameter machines of up to 46 inches for manufacturing fabrics in large quantities.

This machine, the Mayer & Cie. brand and the Brady stand with its fresh new look attracted many trade visitors. “The DTG,” Meile says, “which is a purely domestic trade fair, recorded more visitors than in the past and exceeded our expectations in that respect. We had plenty to do on all fair days and held many promising discussions.”

So this year’s DTG in Dhaka from 23 to 26 February 2017 was further proof of a trend that Torsten Meile and his colleagues have already noticed on several occasions: “What customers want is productivity and a good service. We benefit from this desire for quality because that is precisely what we deliver. This desire is now a global one, and Bangladesh is no exception; quite the opposite.” That was demonstrated by the number of orders that Meile brought back from Bangladesh – orders for nearly eighty machines.

The trade fair team line up in front of the S4 3.2 II – a bestseller in Bangladesh.

Torsten Meile with Brady colleagues at the stand.