Mayer & Cie. Czechia foundation stone

Construction in full swing: Major expansion of production facility in Vsetín, Czech Republic

The foundation stone for an area of about 5,000 square metres has been laid. In October 2015, construction work on a new factory hall began on the outskirts of Vsetín, a town in the northeast of the Czech Republic. Mayer & Cie. CZ, the German circular knitting machine manufacturer’s Czech operation, is scheduled to move into the new premises in June 2016. At present it has a payroll of about 60 employees. Mayer & Cie. has maintained a production facility in the Czech Republic since 2011. It is the company’s third site alongside China and the firm’s Albstadt headquarters where much of the machinery and most of the key components are manufactured.

“We have been delighted by a very good order position for some time, with the result that expansion of our capacities has become necessary at all locations,” said Benjamin Mayer, Managing Director of Mayer & Cie. “Last year we invested mainly in Albstadt and, on a smaller scale, in China, where we have until now manufactured machines solely for the local market. It is now the turn of the Czech Republic, which serves us as an extended workbench.”

Mayer & Cie. leased the previous premises. The new site and its more representative new premises are owned by Mayer & Cie. itself, or rather its subsidiary Immobilien CZ. After the move early next summer, the production area in Vsetín will be roughly one and a half times the previous size. How it is to be used has already been planned in detail. “In the future,” Benjamin Mayer said, “most of our D4 and S4 machines will be manufactured in the Czech Republic, as will the knitting heads for the machines assembled in China.” In addition to higher production capacities the Czech works will be able to shape the flow of materials faster and more flexibly.

On request, how much soil, brickwork and machinery will need to be moved in Vsetín by then can be seen in real time at the company’s Albstadt headquarters. A webcam has been set up opposite the construction site that records live images of the construction work. Benjamin Mayer, who attended the laying of the foundation stone together with his cousin Marcus Mayer, noted with a grin about this modern monitoring of construction progress that “as a result we no longer need to travel there to see how work on our Czech production facility is progressing. We can see day by day at our desk that progress is being made.”