Well-attended MDS training course in India

Batliboi, the Indian representative of Mayer & Cie., organised an MDS 1 training course in Delhi from January 30th to 31st 2017. Mayer Design Software (MDS 1) is software for jacquard machines that makes it possible to program different patterns. It functions for a wide range of machine types from Mayer & Cie. India, traditionally a country of textiles, is experiencing continual growth in the high-quality mattress segment. This is why the application of MDS 1 for mattress machines like OVJA 1.6 E, OVJA 1.6 EM, OVJA 1.6 EM HS, OVJA 1.6 EMS, OVJA 2.4 E and OVJA 1.6 EE took centre stage in this course.

Technicians from Batliboi and customers who have already been working with machines from Mayer & Cie. for some time attended the course. In total, there were about twenty participants. Most of them came from the provinces Delhi, Mumbai, Kalkutta, Tirupp?r and Ludhi?na. Oliver Bühler, application technician at Mayer & Cie. and responsible for international MDS 1 training courses, emphasizes the in-depth knowledge demonstrated by the participants. “We always encounter very discerning customers in India. Their questions are very detailed.” He is also quite satisfied with the preparation of the course. “Batliboi’s organisation was great. Everything worked wonderfully.”

Another training couse is planned at the beginning of March in Brazil. At the end of April, the next in-house course will take place at Mayer & Cie. in Albstadt, Germany. Of the approximately six to eight courses that Mayer & Cie. offers annually, three or four are conducted in-house. An additional two or three are held at international representative offices. “The greatest demand is for on-site training. Participants’ travel expenses are much lower for them than for trainings at Mayer & Cie. headquarters. So more people can participate in an event”, says Oliver Bühler.

Successfully completed: All participants received a certificate and a present.