ITME India 2016 lived up to Mayer & Cie.’s high expectations

A large, centrally located booth by Mayer & Cie.’s local agent Batliboi, two machines representing innovative strength and performance plus a live demonstration of the new spinning and knitting machine – those were the key facts of Mayer & Cie.’s presence at ITME. An extensive performance, which was definitely worthwhile, says Timo Schramm, Sales Manager India at Mayer & Cie. (MCT): “ITME traditionally is an important trade fair for us; it is hosted in one of our key markets. Therefore, it is particularly gratifying we could welcome so many qualified visitors. Our Indian clients obviously are aware of the long term benefits of investing in highly productive machinery.”

Apart from Spinit 3.0 E, Mayer & Cie. presented a D4 2.2 HPI and an OVJA 1.6 EM HS in Mumbai in early December. The D4 2.2 HPI currently is the most productive Interlock machine worldwide. With this machine, MCT can stand its ground in the highly competitive Indian Interlock market. “We have made significant headway, especially against local manufacturers”, says Sales Manager Schramm. “Clients that concentrate on cotton have become interested in the D4 2.2 HPI, too.” Spinning mills engaging in producing fabrics also find the Interlock machine an attractive option. With its OVJA 1.6 EM HS, Mayer & Cie. successfully serves a niche market, which has been growing continuously, not only in India.

With its 38-inch diameter, the OVJA 1.6 EM HS can knit mattress covers at an impressive speed of 30 rpm. Thanks to its low number of systems, the machine is at the same time very flexible.

The only cautionary note about ITME was the Indian experiment on cash, as German newspaper FAZ called it. In mid-November, the Reserve Bank of India declared the widely used 1,000 and 500 Rupee notes worthless. 86 percent of Indian paper money became invalid overnight. With this action, the government intends to fight corruption and cash-funded terrorist activities. Sales Manager Schramm: “Naturally, we could sense our clients’ reluctance to major investments. However, we expect their uncertainty due to this quite drastic course of action to subside again soon.”