Baden-Württemberg honours Mayer & Cie.

Exemplary in terms of resource efficiency: this accolade from the state of Baden-Württemberg has been Mayer & Cie.’s since 18 October 2017 when Franz Untersteller, Minister of Environmental, Climate and Energy Affairs, named the circular knitting machine manufacturer one of the state’s 100 Resource-Efficient Companies. The award specifically mentioned the energy-related renovation of building services in which Mayer & Cie. has been engaged for over four years. Old and oversized building services that had taken shape over the decades led to disproportionately high energy bills. Buildings and workshops were regularly enlarged and on each occasion the heating, cooling and water pipes were adapted in one way or another to the extensions.

As a first step in its energy-related renovation, starting in 2014, Mayer & Cie. dealt with its cold water network. That made one in three of its refrigeration systems superfluous – and others too, at least in winter. Next on the agenda came refurbishment of the water pipes and replacement of the heating centres and compressors. Since 2017 all consumers have been networked, load profile management has been put in place and a cooperation agreement with the Neckar-Alb virtual power station has been concluded. 2018 will see implementation of the combined heat, power and cooling concept, including the installation of a combined heat and power plant.

This energy-related renovation by Mayer & Cie. is for Baden-Württemberg one of 100 examples of excellence that show where savings can be achieved in energy and material. Specific projects and tangible solutions are intended to serve as an incentive for other companies in Baden-Württemberg to make more efficient use of their resources.

“We are delighted that Baden-Württemberg has seen fit to recognise our work as exemplary,” says Marcus Mayer, Managing Director of Mayer & Cie. “For us as an owner-managed family firm sustainability is both a necessity and a belief – in every respect.”