Mayer & Cie. with three machines on show at the “little ITMA”

The ITM is Turkey’s largest and most important textiles trade fair. It took place this year from 1 to 4 June in Istanbul. As it now attracts visitors and exhibitors from much further afield, it is known in the trade as the “little ITMA.” Mayer & Cie. was able to welcome to its stand customers from the entire region, including many visitors from Uzbekistan and the Middle East. Customers from Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and, increasingly, from Iran once more are making use of the opportunity to call on the German knitting machine manufacturer in Istanbul. At this year’s ITM the catchment area of Mayer & Cie. customers extended as far as India and Bangladesh.

For Mayer & Cie. the ITM is important in any case. Turkey is, after all, one of its most important markets. Torsten Meile explains why. “Turkish customers,” he says, “appreciate the high quality and high productivity of our machines. That gives us a significant advantage over our Asian competitors in this market.”

For its strong-selling market Mayer & Cie. chose the three machines on show most carefully. They were a cross-section from the premium segment: the Relanit 3.2 HS, the OVJA 2.4 E and the MCPE 2.4. The Relanit 3.2 HS is the state-of-the art high-performance machine for producing Single Jersey and one of Mayer & Cie.’s current best sellers. The machine on show at the ITM had a 30-inch diameter. It comes on an industry open-width frame and produces piece goods up to a fineness of E32. Torsten Meile confirms that keen interest in it was shown in Istanbul. “The Relanit 3.2 HS,” he says, “is simply a very good match for our customers’ current requirements. With reliable elastomeric plating, very high performance and now in a industry open-width frame, we have clearly hit the mark with it.”

The second exhibit was an OVJA 2.4 E with a diameter of 34 inches on an open-width frame. It is an electronic machine for Double Jersey and Jacquard structured knits. It offers an enormously wide range of patterns and a swift changeover, thanks in part to electronic single needle selection in each of the 72 systems. The third machine, an MCPE 2.4, is a machine – the only one in the world – for colour jacquard all-over plush with up to 12 colours per course. The machine’s electronically controlled needle selection allows for knitting of almost any colour pattern. By using suitable sinker cam parts, multicolour plush can even be made with zero loops and tuck structures. Thanks to its manifold patterning possibilities this machine has become very popular in the fashion industry, in the home textiles segment and even in automotive engineering.

“The ITM was a very successful trade fair for us. Our stand was always well visited. We clearly chose our trade fair machines well,” Meile concludes.