Mayer & Cie. highly content with fiscal year 2015 and performance at ITMA

Mayer & Cie. looks back on an eventful year 2015. For one, there are key dates and business figures marking the past year one of the most successful ones in the company’s recent history. More than 1,300 machines were produced and sold in 2015. Among them was the 70,000th knitting machine bearing the green MCT emblem, a MV 4-3.2 II. Looking at 2015’s turnover, Mayer & Cie. generated a 10 percent increase compared with the previous year. The entire Mayer group’s turnover totalled around 93 million Euro in 2015.

For another 2015 was an ITMA year, making it an intensive one in its own right. At the world’s most important trade fair for textile machinery, Mayer & Cie. presented its new machines. Among them was the new Spinit 3.0 E. Benjamin Mayer, Managing Director at Mayer & Cie. comments on the company’s fair presentation: “We are extremely satisfied with last year’s ITMA. Above all, our new spin and knit technology spinitsystems® and the first machine to use it, the Spinit 3.0 E, met with an overwhelming response. Prospective customers virtually lined up to see the machine close up and in action. Trade fair visitors from India accounted for the lion’s share, followed by visitors from Turkey and, in third place, the United States and Latin America.”

“The other four machines we exhibited at ITMA evidently also caught the spirit of the age exactly“, Benjamin Mayer continues. Mayer & Cie. presented two new Relanit machines, the Relanit 3.2 HS and the new striper machine Relanit 3.2 R. The Relanit 3.2 HS is a high speed single jersey machine for fool proof and reliable elastomeric high speed plating. The highly flexible Relanit 3.2 R takes 3- and 6-colour striping to production quantities which have been known so far only from unicolor standard single jersey fabric. Both machines are equipped with the trusted and energy-efficient relative technology which has been one of Mayer & Cie.’s unique selling propositions for several decades. Furthermore, they exhibited a new high speed mattress ticking machine, the OVJA 1.6 EM HS which is able to produce up to 900 kg mattress fabric per day. Another exhibit was the D4-2.2 II, equipped with the high performance interlock kit. This machine is able to generate up to 600 kg Interlock fabric per day. Additionally, Mayer & Cie. presented their new needle oil recycling system, called SENSOBlueRS. Machines equipped with this system consume up to one third less fresh needle oil. That is quite something, both in terms of cost and environmental impact.

At ITMA, overall sales targets were well fulfilled even though the order books were amply filled prior to the trade fair and the well-known phenomenon of a lull in orders ahead of the fair did not fully materialise. Benjamin Mayer sees the positive mood at ITMA as a good sign for this year. “We are going for sales growth in 2016 too and aim to continue to grow. Our ambition is to set ourselves even further apart from the competition with our products and services.”