Mayer & Cie. enters an Albstadt Bike Marathon team

When the Albstadt Bike Marathon gets under way on 8 July 2017, 18 Mayer & Cie. (MCT) bikers will be among the competitors, sporting a uniform outfit of black shorts and a white shirt with the MCT logo and sleeves in the company’s shade of green. They will spend up to six hours on the trail, covering 86 kilometres with a cumulative elevation gain of about 1,800 metres.

It is the first time in a good 15 years that the Albstadt-based circular knitting machine manufacturer has entered a team for the major sporting event of its home town. In addition to trained employees from all departments, it will include Managing Director Benjamin Mayer. Unlike a number of “old hands” in the MCT team this will be his first bike marathon, but as an amateur sportsman with a wide range of interests he feels well prepared for the event. He is particularly pleased with the turnout. “We were originally expecting about five entrants, those who participate every year. We would never have expected to be able to motivate so many and that nearly 20 employees would be competing for Mayer & Cie. That really does show that employees identify with the company,” he said.

The firm is paying the entry fee for each rider and providing the kit in the company’s colours. It was designed and supplied by the Albstadt bikers’ equipment manufacturer everve. Nobody knows for sure whether the elastic synthetic fibre mix was knitted on a Mayer machine, “but it could well be the case,” says Managing Director Benjamin Mayer with a wink.

In addition to the firm’s active participation in the Albstadt sporting event Mayer & Cie. is also providing financial support. The circular knitting machine manufacturer is for the second time one of the sponsors of an event that is well known beyond the borders of the region. “We feel very attached to our headquarters location,” says Benjamin Mayer, “and we are happy to support any event that helps to make it more attractive and better known. Sporting activity is in keeping with our tradition and, to this day, with our personal interest.”


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