New premises for Mayer & Cie. Czech Republic

Since this summer, Mayer & Cie. Czech Republic has been assembling its knitting machines in a new building. With around 5,000 square meters, the modern production hall is about half as large again as the old building. It was inaugurated on 8 September 2016 by the Albstadt-based parent company Mayer & Cie. (MCT).

Mayer & Cie. Czech Republic, MCZ in short, has become part of the group in 2011. Then, Mayer & Cie. seized the opportunity to take over the insolvent knitting machine manufacturer Amtek. It was a courageous decision that proved right quite quickly: Just one year after the formation of Mayer & Cie. Czech Republic, the subsidiary delivered its first knitting machines. In 2013, Czech workers assembled one in four knitting machines bearing the green MCT logo. In 2014, MCZ was quality certified to DIN ISO standards. Today, many assembly groups come from Vsetín. One in three Mayer machines is assembled at the Czech works. 70-plus workers dedicate themselves mainly to machines from the S- and D- line.

The S4 3.2 II and D4 2.2 II, both part of this product range, are the knitting machine manufacturer’s best-selling machines by far. With them, Mayer & Cie. serves the midrange price segment most successfully. Their great popularity shows why the Czech production site was the right decision, especially from the strategic viewpoint. Benjamin Mayer, Managing Director of Mayer & Cie., noted in his speech: “These machines enable us to keep our competitors at bay in the price-sensitive segment, to raise the barriers for new competitors and to offer new customers an easier entry into the Mayer product range.”

Within the Mayer-Group, MCZ is the most important supplier of both Mayer & Cie. in Albstadt and Mayer & Cie. China. And not only that: the Czech subsidiary provides the parent company with the leeway it requires to serve its established premium segment successfully and to develop one innovative new technology after another.

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