Mayer & Cie. nominated for German Brand Award

The German Brand Award is a recent distinction for good brand management; in 2016, it was awarded for the first time. The competition’s sponsor is the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung), a foundation by Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie. It is the Design Council’s purpose to support German industry in matters of design, regarded as both a cultural and economic factor.

There are two options to become a participant in the contest for the German Brand Award. Either potential participants may apply – or they are nominated by an independent and interdisciplinary jury. Mayer & Cie. entered the contest by nomination and now goes after the distinction for its brand management. Until March 2017, an extensive application is to be handed in. Those who can prove their excellency in brand management will receive a German Brand Award in their respective category. The award ceremony will be held in early summer.

Yet, why does a well-established brand like Mayer & Cie. need brand management at all? The green MCT emblem is a registered trademark in more than 30 countries. It is well known in many more countries worldwide and it will be hard to find a knitter anywhere who has not worked with Mayer machines, let alone recognises the brand. Yet what does he associate with it? Is it the same idea the company itself considers important? Again, is it the same story a Mayer representative on the other side of the world tells his clients about the company?

In circular knitting, Mayer & Cie. considers itself as first in technology, first in the market and first in driving innovations. There is enough reference to prove these points. However, conveying this self-concept means connecting it to the brand, by products, actions, employees and representations worldwide. To that end, the brand needs to be a common source of identity. This is why a strategy is necessary. A strategy that may earn Mayer & Cie. a Gold German Brand Award in summer.