Second MDS 1 training course in 2016

Under the direction of Oliver Bühler designers and technicians from MCT customers from France and the distant South Korea took part this time. Furthermore we were pleased to have a visitor from the university of applied science Reutlingen here who had sent a professor to this course for the first time.

The software program MDS 1, short for Mayer Design System, allows the customer unlimited patterning possibilities in the creation of pattern designs. The program is optimized for MCT circular knitting machines with electronic individual needle selection. From the creation of the data of the pattern design to the implementation on the machine the total process is enormously facilitated and this results in the best Mayer Quality.

Focus of the training course was to impart basic knowledge of the MDS 1 software as well as to guarantee an independent handling of the program.

At the end Jürgen Müller, Head of Product development knitted fabric at Mayer & Cie., handed the participants a certificate over for the successful participation of the 3-days training course.