On the way to series production: Spinit 3.0 E at ITME in Mumbai

“When we went to Mumbai in early December, expectations were high,” says Michael A. Tuschak, in charge of spinitsystems marketing and sales at Mayer & Cie. (MCT). “India is one of the world’s most important textile markets. The country is home to numerous fully integrated textile manufactures and state-of-the-art spinning mills. That’s why we expected to meet some challenging clients in Mumbai.”


There was no reason to get nervous over this, however. After all, Spinit 3.0 E has plenty to offer. There are benefits in terms of production time and investment costs. Its energy balance is lower by a third than that of the conventional production process. “Since we have presented the prototype in Barcelona, Spinit has been widely talked about,” says Michael A. Tuschak. “Since then, we have been working towards the machine’s series production, gradually and systematically. So visitors always seize the opportunity to see how we are getting along.”

This time in Mumbai, Mayer & Cie. came up with Fancy Module, an optional patterning attachment. It allows clients to produce what MCT calls Spinit Fancy Jersey. Its pattern stands out because of its soft transitions. As the pattern is produced by changing the yarn gauge, opaque and transparent pattern areas alternate freely.


On its way to series production, the spinning and knitting machine Spinit 3.0 E experienced further tailwind in Mumbai. Michael A. Tuschak talked to many prospective customers and he is confident that from those conversations some more project partnerships will arise. The more diverse the applications tested and the clients’ perspectives, the more diverse and valuable the feedback will be. “A fully integrated manufacturer’s focus differs from that of a spinning mill with forward integration. One client specialises on fine underwear using mostly cotton while another is into fashionable outer wear,” says the man in charge of marketing and sales of Spinit 3.0 E. Once the pilot customers’ feedback will have proven satisfactory to Mayer & Cie., they will start series production. Tuschak concludes: “The Spinit’s proper production line is already there – we are good to go.”

Spinit 3.0 E at ITME in Mumbai: Just like a conventional spinning machine, the spinning and knitting machine has special requirements to production conditions.

It has been talked about since the presentation of its prototype: Spinit 3.0 E was greeted with interest once more in Mumbai.


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