Spinit 3.0 E - a machine with its own sample collection

With the spinitsystems® concept as new as it is, its ITMA presentation is comprehensive. Under the name “Natural Modernist,” Albstadt-Sigmaringen University students have designed a first collection using fabrics manufactured on the Spinit 3.0 E. They created romantic nightwear, casual leisure wear and urbane fashion wear from single jersey fabric, and on detailed scrutiny of the knitwear the students felt these to be highly appropriate uses.


In keeping with the machine’s ability to work in a sustainable, resource-saving way, only organic cotton was used to manufacture the fabrics. The students’ models follow up on this aspect in impression and statement. A philodendron leaf, along with fashionable, close-to-nature colours and trendy cuts, is a central design element of the collection. The exclusive Spinit fashion collection is designed for men, women and babies. Selected models can be seen and, of course, felt, at Mayer & Cie.’s ITMA stand.

Michael A. Tuschak says, “I am delighted that we can offer our customers and prospective customers so much more than just a few fabric patterns. Our customers are, after all, breaking entirely new ground with us and with spinitsystems®.”


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