Spinit proves the point: Mayer & Cie. remains true to itself

Spinit is definitely a talking point. Wherever it puts in an appearance to transform fibre into a textile fabric, it quickly pulls a crowd of inquisitive trade visitors. “We find the Spinit to be a major attraction,” says Michael A. Tuschak, in charge of spinitsystems marketing and sales at Mayer & Cie. (MCT). “The machine is often the scene of the most animated specialist discussions.”


This very pleasing phenomenon is by no means limited to international trade fairs. On its own doorstep, in Albstadt in southern Baden-Württemberg, the Spinit 3.0 E is a discussion topic time and time again. True, there is always an element of local patriotism, but the focus of interest is always on the technology. Here, where the knitting machine manufacturer is based, was for decades one of the centres of the German textile industry. The industry made its mark on the region and its inhabitants, who retain to this day an extensive fund of textile know-how.

“Where does the shiny effect of the fabric come from, from the fibre or from finishing?” or “For which use is the machine best suited?” That was why Tuschak had many questions of this kind to answer when, in mid-March 2017, a party of retired local textile entrepreneurs visited the company. Most of them were familiar with Mayer & Cie. from many years of collaboration. Not infrequently Tuschak nodded appreciatively in response to the questions they asked. “They know what they are talking about on the basis of long years of practical experience,” says Mayer & Cie.’s sales and marketing manager Tuschak.

At the end of his explanations and after a tour of the works one point was definitely clear. With so much going on at Mayer & Cie. everything is much the same as it ever was. “Back then, in the late 1960s for example, we had to wait years for a Mayer machine. We did so for good reason – because it was worth the wait. Even then, Mayer & Cie. was well ahead of the competition,” one member of the party noted.

A party of retired local textile entrepreneurs found the atmosphere at Mayer & Cie. to be as “dynamic and innovative” as ever.